LRD is equipped with a large number of instruments and devices for field measurements. Its equipment is enriched and renewed regularly, and is used for qualitative and quantitative determinations and measurements of physico-chemical parameters of surface and ground water, soils, plants and the atmosphere.

LRD also owns and utilises state-of-the-art scientific software to simulate water flow and contaminant transport in rivers, lakes, aquifers and the unsaturated soil zone, hydrogeochemical data processing and modelling, and pumping tests analyses.

The reliability and functionality of equipment and scientific software are constantly checked, verified and updated.

Soil and crops

  • Soil moisture measurement device, point or soil profile measurements, single or continuous (logging)
  • Non-invasive, large scale soil electrical conductivity surveyor
  • Leaf area index (LAI) measurement
  • Plant juice flow measurement
  • Disturbed and undisturbed soil samples collection devices
  • In-situ soil hydraulic conductivity measurement devices
  • Soil infiltration measurement devices
  • Unsaturated zone leachates collection and measurement arrays

Scientific software for water resources simulation and management

  • Hydrological models: SWAT, MIKE SHE, mGROWA
  • Hydraulic/hydrologic river modelling: MIKE 11
  • Groundwater simulation models (saturated-unsaturated flow): MODFLOW-MT3D, FEFLOW, SEAWAT
  • Modelling in unsaturated soil zone: HYDRUS-1D
  • Water resources management model: MIKE BASIN
  • Hydro-geochemical analysis software: AQUACHEM
  • Hydro-geochemical modelling: GWB, PHREEQC


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 Surface and ground water
  • Instruments for measuring flow velocity - discharge in open-channels/rivers. Various types and sizes of propeller current meters, electromagnetic flow meter, acoustic doppler devices for measuring and recording vertical or horizontal velocity profiles, radar doppler.
  • Conventional (tape, wire) depth to water level measurement equipment (for wells)
  • Pressure transducers for water level logging
  • Deep well thermometers
  • Bailer water samplers
 Other equipment
  • Meteorological stations
  • Non-invasive flow measurements in pressurized networks using Transit-time και Doppler technology
  • High-precision positioning devices (GPS-RTK), comprehensive set of handheld GPS devices
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Agricultural tractor with accessories
  • Lysimeters. In house installed series of lysimeters (draining lysimeters, lysimeters with controllable water level, hydraulic-weighing lysimeter)


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Hellenic Agricultural Organisation "DEMETER"
Soil and Water Resources Institute-Land Reclamation Department
Gorgopotamou Str, Sindos, 57400

(+30) 2310.798790, 2310.798144

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