Education & training

LRD provides support to higher education through collaboration with academic institutions in Greece and Europe. At the same time, in the context of its research and development actions, it contributes to the training of farmers and scientists, through layman reports, seminars and workshops.

More specifically:

  • organises and implements training seminars and informative actions for scientists, farmers and active citizens
  • participates in hosting internship students and supervising dissertations, postgraduate and doctoral theses
  • contributes to linking research-education-practice by participating in undergraduate and postgraduate courses teaching
  • offers work to new scientists through their participation in the research activities of the Institute



Hellenic Agricultural Organisation "DEMETER"
Soil and Water Resources Institute-Land Reclamation Department
Gorgopotamou Str, Sindos, 57400

(+30) 2310.798790, 2310.798144

(+30) 2310.796352

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